The Fastest Way to Perform Professional Accessibility Audits

(& replace spreadsheets for good)

Manage more accessibility projects with ease using our all-in-one testing, monitoring, issue management, and reporting platform. 

Report Issues in Seconds with WCAG Auto-Suggestions

Manage Manual Audits & Automated Scans for Web A11y

Pinpoint Accessibility Issues with a Visual Interface

Do you feel bogged down with tedious a11y processes?

This is not a misleading accessibility overlay tool, and it’s not outdated and clunky enterprise software. We’re tired of those too.

You may feel discouraged by accessibility work or you find yourself dreading the next project. We don’t want that for you.

AAArdvark is giving the accessibility space a new outlook, and it might just be what you’re looking for.

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The only uplifting all-in-one accessibility platform

(say goodbye to draining and monotonous a11y work)

X-Ray Vision with Visual Mode

AAArdvark’s Visual Mode makes it easy to see accessibility issues on the site in real-time. It’s like having X-Ray vision!

Audit Management

Quickly log rich and thorough a11y issues, complete with comment threads, screenshots, links to helpful resources, and more.

Remediation Management

Using AAArdvark’s remediation management suite, you and your team can work through the Issues list, verify the fixes, host discussions, and learn how to resolve issues.

Scanning and Monitoring

With the ability to check for some of the most common accessibility issues, monitor your sites with ongoing scans to ensure your remediation efforts make a lasting impact. 

Not your typical outdated enterprise tool

AAArdvark has a modern and clean look that’s fully accessible.

Compilation of AAArdvark components, including: "Popups for accessibility failures", "List element to highlight failures and warnings for a specific page", "Team management interface", and "website component to summarize total issues and warnings".

Say goodbye to clunky spreadsheets

AAArdvark provides a new and simple way to manage accessibility audits.

No more juggling tools and extensions for audits

Use AAArdvark’s all-in-one suite of tools to help you through audits and remediation.

Ongoing monitoring to maintain compliance

Automated accessibility scans help you keep your site in compliance

Faster accessibility audits = Manage more projects

Speed through the monotonous work and focus on helping more websites instead.

Boost team communication and understanding of a11y issues

Invite an unlimited number of users at no extra cost and get everyone on the same page.

Generate extra income streams while keeping clients in the loop

AAArdvark makes it easy for you to offer your clients end-to-end a11y services.

Made by A11y Professionals for A11y Professionals

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As a digital professional with over 25 years of experience, I have developed a strong commitment to inclusivity and a desire to help other digital professionals build an internet that is accessible to everyone. Now, with AAArdvark, I’m proud to offer a suite of tools that helps make accessibility easier and faster while still maintaining high quality of work. AAArdvark does not offer a misleading quick-fix overlay, but rather offers tools for designers, developers, and accessibility professionals to quickly and easily identify, track, and fix accessibility issues on websites.
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Natalie MacLees, Web A11y Professional & Founder

Get started with AAArdvark in three steps


Sign up for a free AAArdvark workspace

Sign up for an AAArdvark workspace, each workspace comes equipped to handle unlimited websites. And, homepages are always free.


Test out the full suite of a11y features

Whether it’s the x-ray vision, auditing or remediation features, or scanning and monitoring – try out the full suite before you upgrade to a larger site package.


Upgrade to enable full website access

If you like what you see, you can upgrade a site to include a full site of up to 1000 pages to complete an entire audit and remediation project. 

Most Accessibility Professionals Lose Their Initial Spark

At AAArdvark, we know that you’re passionate about accessibility and motivated to help the internet become a better place. You’re doing this one audit at a time, spreadsheet after spreadsheet.

The problem is that our current processes in the accessibility community are tedious and slow, which may make this whole internet a11y revolution feel unattainable. We believe reaching accessibility standards on the web shouldn’t be draining or monotonous. Trust us, we know what it feels like to deal with clients who don’t understand the importance of accessibility or when projects go way past the deadline, and it feels like they’ll never reach an end. 

That’s why we decided to make an accessibility platform to help professionals complete full & thorough audits as fast as possible. With the X-Ray Vision feature you can see the client’s live web pages and log issues in a fraction of the time it takes to do the same on a spreadsheet. With Team Management features, an entire team can track, assign, and discuss issues in real-time, so messy email threads are a thing of the past. And ongoing monitoring gives you and your client peace of mind that the work you’ve completed can last.

There’s nothing to lose; give AAArdvark a try for free so you can stop wasting time and effort on spreadsheets and instead focus on making the internet a better place (plus earn more money on the way!).

Most Accessibility Professionals Lose Their Initial Spark

The problem is that our current processes in the accessibility community are tedious and slow, which may make this whole internet a11y revolution feel unattainable. We believe reaching accessibility standards on the web shouldn’t be draining or monotonous. 

That’s why we decided to make an accessibility platform to help professionals complete full & thorough audits as fast as possible. 

There’s nothing to lose; give AAArdvark a try for free so you can stop wasting time and effort on spreadsheets and instead focus on making the internet a better place (plus earn more money on the way!).

AAArdvark is the fastest way to complete full a11y audits

(we understand you may have your doubts, though)

What if the accessibility suite isn't a good fit for me?

Try AAArdvark risk-free on any website’s homepage. Feel the time-savings for yourself by testing out all that AAArdvark has to offer. 

Does this involve a huge learning curve?

This is not another complicated enterprise software with outdated interfaces and clunky user experiences. AAArdvark is intuitive and comes with video tutorials and written documentation to catch you up quickly. 

Do I need to schedule a demo or speak with sales?

No demo calls and no need to speak with a sales team to get started. Create a free AAArdvark workspace immediately and see all the features right away. (Including the X-Ray Vision feature!)

Easily accessible customer support at your service

The AAArdvark support team is eager to help! We proudly provide quick 1-day response times and friendly and human support with each email.

Why Accessibility Matters

Web accessibility matters because it ensures that everyone, regardless of disability, can access and use the internet. Accessible websites and digital content ensure that people with visual, hearing, motor, or cognitive disabilities can have equal access to information, services, and products offered online. This promotes inclusion, diversity, and accessibility of digital content, which should be the core philosophy of any business. It optimizes a website for search engines, reduces legal risk, increases user engagement, and enhances user experience. 

Additionally, making a website accessible ensures that it complies with legal and ethical standards, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), which can protect businesses from litigation and negative publicity. In summary, web accessibility is essential for ensuring that the internet remains an inclusive space for everyone, irrespective of their abilities.

Do you need accessibility help with your site?

(we offer accessibility services and partner with awesome professionals)

Get your website thoroughly audited for WCAG-compliance

Guidance on the remediation process or team training

Ongoing monitoring and alerts for continuous compliance

Frequently asked questions

What website platforms does AAArdvark support?

AAArdvark supports sites coming from all website-building platforms, including WordPress, Squarespace, WiX, Shopify, Webflow, and more.

This is because our Chrome Extension makes it possible to use AAArdvark across any site on the web!

Yes, AAArdvark provides coverage for A, AA, and AAA level criteria for WCAG versions 2.0 and 2.1.

AAArdvark provides a helpful balance of automatic scanning to detect issues and manual testing tools to allow for human detection of a11y requirements.

Both! We offer the following accessibility solutions:

  1. AAArdvark, the all-in-one accessibility platform for professionals that specialize in web accessibility auditing, remediation, and monitoring.
  2. AAArdvark Web Accessibility Services for businesses and organizations needing consultations and work done on their site. Our experts can help audit websites, complete remediation, and train staff or developers.

No, AAArdvark is not a quick fix a11y overlay tool.

Accessibility overlays claim to improve website accessibility for people with disabilities. However, not all tools claiming to be accessibility overlays are effective or helpful for all users. Some use automated scans, which may miss critical accessibility problems. Others add extra widgets that usually end up creating more usability problems.

It’s important to carefully evaluate any accessibility tools before using them and prioritize solutions that involve manual testing, human expertise, and user feedback to truly improve accessibility for all users.

AAArdvark involves a simple setup:

  1. Set up your first site project in your AAArdvark workspace.
  2. Add the pages you’d like to check. (Homepages are free forever!)
  3. Run an Automated Scan
  4. Install our official Chrome Extension.

And that’s it. You’re ready to start using the Visual Mode feature, begin a scan, or add team members.

Accessibility refers to the degree to which a product, environment, service, or information is available and usable by people with disabilities. Accessibility aims to ensure that everyone, regardless of their abilities, has equal access to participate in society without barriers or discrimination.

This includes physical accessibility, such as making buildings or spaces easier to navigate for wheelchair users, as well as digital accessibility, such as creating websites and apps that people with visual, auditory, or motor impairments can easily use.

The name for AAArdvark came from the Aardvark animal! Since the word already starts with two A’s, we thought it would be fun to add another “A” as a reference to WCAG’s highest level of accessibility compliance.

Plus, here’s a fun fact: Aardvarks have poor vision and are color-blind, which we thought was fitting for an accessibility tool!

Simple Per-Site Pricing

Monitor and test up to 100 pages.


one-time setup fee

+ $10

/month for ongoing monitoring

Simple Per-Site Pricing

Monitor and test up to 1000 pages.


one-time setup fee

+ $25

/month for ongoing monitoring

1 - 100 pages

101 - 1000 pages

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