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Free Accessibility Icons

Download and browse our free Accessibility Icon collection set for use on your a11y websites, design projects, and more! AAArdvark wants to share these with everyone under Free Use or Open Content licensing. You’re welcome to adjust the icons and use them on your projects and websites as you wish.

Browse & Download Accessibility Icons

Need a quick accessibility icon? Feel free to grab an individual PNG from below.

Accessibility icon

Universal Access Icon

The Universal Access icon typically features a human figure depicted within a circle, emphasizing inclusivity for people of all abilities.

Wheelchair Accessible icon

Wheelchair Icon

The Wheelchair icon portrays a simplified side view of a wheelchair, universally representing accessibility for individuals with mobility impairments.

Sign Language icon

Sign Language Icon

The Sign Language icon typically depicts two hands forming a recognizable sign, representing communication through sign language.

Audio Description icon

Audio Description Icon

The Audio Description icon typically features the letters "AD" and soundwaves, representing content that is enhanced with audio descriptions for people who are visually impaired.

Hearing Loss-Impairment icon

Hearing Loss Icon

The Hearing Loss icon commonly depicts an ear with soundwaves along with a symbol to represent a muted state, symbolizing impaired auditory capabilities.

Braille icon

Braille Icon

The Braille icon usually shows a hand touching braille characters, symbolizing tactile reading and accessibility for people who are visually impaired.

Blind Accessible

Blind Accessible Icon

The Blind Accessible icon typically portrays a walking cane or seeing-eye dog representing awareness for individuals who are blind or visually impaired.

Closed Caption icon

Closed Caption Icon

The Closed Caption icon typically displays a lowercase "cc" in a box, indicating the availability of text-based subtitles for people who are deaf or hard of hearing to understand spoken content.

Low Vision icon

Low Vision Icon

The Low Vision icon often showcases a simplified eye and a symbol to depict impaired visual clarity.

Accessible Website icon

Accessible Website Icon

The Accessible Website icon often features a simplified web page and a human figure, symbolizing a website designed for inclusivity and usability by people with disabilities.

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