AAArdvark vs Accessibility Widgets

Compare AAArdvark with the popular accessiBe overlay widget.

How Does AAArdvark Compare to AI Accessibility Widgets?

A number of products have appeared on the market that claim to provide a quick fix for accessibility issues by simply installing a javascript snippet. Some services, like accessiBeOpens in new window, go even further and claim to make websites WCAG compliant on-the-fly using “AI”. 

While this is very compelling marketing, anyone who has done accessibility remediation work knows this is a dubious claim. Compliance with most WCAG standards requires serious human thought, consideration, and conversation to solve. You can see the depth of discussion in places like the WebAIM mailing listOpens in new window as an indication of the knowledge required to implement WCAG standards.

If you are determined to use one of these automated solutions, we highly recommend consulting your legal council to evaluate whether the service you have chosen provides any protection from demand letters and lawsuits in the U.S.

So, what is the accessibility alternative to AI widgets?

Meet AAArdvark.

AAArdvark is built as a tool that helps empower human experts to bring sites into WCAG compliance and provide a quality experience to visitors with physical or cognitive challenges.

Unlike some options, AAArdvark is not a quick-fix overlay. Instead, it offers a totally different approach to solving a11y issues.


Here’s what makes AAArdvark stand out:

Accessibility Audit Management

Log, track, visually navigate and solve accessibility issues efficiently by pairing your human expertise with AAArdvark’s all-in-one audit management suite.

X-Ray Vision

View accessibility issues directly on your website pages with AAArdvark’s Visual Mode interface that lets you automatically and manually pinpoint a11y errors.

Accessibility Remediation Management

Organize your human response to accessibility issues. Assign remediation tasks to developers, allow discussion on issues, track the status of issues, and submit fixes for review with AAArdvark’s all-in-one remediation management suite.

Accessibility Scanning and Monitoring

Get your website’s pages accessible, then keep them that way. Run scans on demand or schedule automated scans to continuously monitor for accessibility issues. View a history of scans and get email reports.

Branded Reporting

Add your company logo to our stylized PDF reports to distribute inside your organization or to send to clients.

Integration with Popular CMS software

See reports and scan results directly inside the CMS dashboard with our WordPress and Drupal integrations.

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