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AAArdvark vs Siteimprove

Compare AAArdvark with the Siteimprove suite.

How does AAArdvark compare to Siteimprove?

AAArdvark vs Siteimprove

Whether you are an agency, freelancer, or product team, AAArdvark can add tremendous value to your service offering and bring more efficiency to your remediation efforts.

SiteimproveOpens in new window is an enterprisefocused product that provides a wide variety of website checks, and accessibility among them. We’ve used it ourselves in the agency world, working with companies to bring their sites into compliance with WCAG standards. On the other hand, AAArdvark was designed based on years of experience in accessibility remediation to overcome the shortcomings we found using tools like Siteimprove. Here’s what makes AAArdvark stand out:

X-Ray Vision with Visual Mode

Other tools or the traditional spreadsheet make it challenging to convey where accessibility issues lie on website pages. AAArdvarks Visual Mode interface is the first in the accessibility space.

Its visual feedback interface makes it easy to see accessibility issues for the site in real-time. This gives you or your team clear and actionable feedback to speed up the audit and remediation process.

Purpose-Built Issue Management

Coordinating remediation efforts with a team can be difficult. We built a custom issue management system to assign issues for remediation or review.

We found Siteimprove’s page-oriented model made identifying patterns or templates associated with issues difficult. This often resulted in developers duplicating efforts in their attempts to resolve an issue.

Our advanced pattern-matching groups similar issues across an entire site so that developers can collaborate without stepping on each other’s toes. Every issue is tied to a specific WCAG success criterion.

Simple and Transparent Pricing

There’s no need to schedule a sales call or demo to see our pricing; it’s right on our homepage. Although, we’re always happy to chat if you’d like a demo or have any questions.

Branded Reporting

Add your company logo to our stylized PDF reports to distribute inside your organization or to send to clients.

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