Accessibility Remediation Management

(all-in-one manage & remedy a11y issues)

Assign remediation tasks to developers, allow discussion on issues, track the status of issues, and submit fixes for review with AAArdvark’s all-in-one remediation management suite.

The Remediation Manager

Manage full accessibility remediation projects all in one place. Using AAArdvark’s remediation management suite, you and your team can work through the Issues List, verify the fixes, as well as host discussions and learn about how to resolve issues.

Actionable and Intuitive Accessibility Remediation

WCAG Auto-Suggestions

The Issues List offers actionable suggestions to resolve violations on the page. Each pinpoint contains relevant advice and links to WCAG resources as a quick reference.

Team Effort

Assign, discuss, and verify criteria for each issue on the list. AAArdvark offers unlimited account access for key stakeholders.

Live Issues List

Using AAArdvark’s Accessibility Scanner, the Issues List can confirm fixes and mark issues as resolved on its own for the automatic issues it initially pinpointed.

Verify Remedies in Realtime

Confirm fixes directly in the Visual Mode Interface. Choose to resolve issues or leave feedback and request more changes.

A Simplified WCAG Remediation Process

Intelligent suggestions with each issue pinpoint

Built with accessibility professionals in mind, each pinpoint provides helpful and actionable steps to help guide you or your team through remediation and provide information and advice. Including references to WCAG resources, the AAArdvark Issues List helps you avoid opening dozens of tabs on your browser. A notes section also allows the audit team to provide detailed instructions for remediation.

Screenshot of the Issue Instance detail page in the AAArdvark Visual Mode interface, listing the Violation of Success Criterion, Issue Severity, Sufficient Techniques, Issue Status, and Developer Assigned.

Easily reference and discuss specific issues

Issues are unique and can be easily shared and linked from AAArdvark. The issue detail pages also host a variety of content including comments, notes, images, assignment details, screenshots of the area of the page with the issue, and a revision history.

Review and verify remedies in one place

Using the Visual Dashboard, quickly verify fixes side-by-side next to the Issues List. No need to open separate windows or tabs to assess changes on the site.

Easily accessible customer support at your service

The AAArdvark support team is eager to help! We proudly provide quick 1-day response times and friendly and human support with each email.