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Accessibility tools and support for small sites, big sites, and everything in between.

100-page Site

includes all AAArdvark Platform features
$ 399 one-time setup fee
  • + $10/month for ongoing monitoring

1000-page Site

includes all AAArdvark Platform features
$ 799 one-time setup fee
  • + $25/month for ongoing monitoring

10,000-page Site

includes all AAArdvark Platform features
$ 1999 one-time setup fee
  • + $99/month for ongoing monitoring

100,000-page Site

includes all AAArdvark Platform features
$ 3999 one-time setup fee
  • + $399/month for ongoing monitoring

Your Partner in Accessibility

Whether you’re a pro or agency, we have everything you need to get it done.

Get your website thoroughly audited for WCAG-compliance

Guidance on the remediation process or team training

Ongoing monitoring and alerts for continuous compliance

AAArdvark Accessibility Services

Performing Audits

Allow us to thoroughly test your website for accessibility issues, providing you with a detailed report of issues to fix to ensure your website is usable for all.

Ongoing Monitoring

Use AAArdvark’s powerful accessibility monitoring tool to detect new accessibility issues after remediation.

Repairs and Remediation

Our team of professionals can help repair any accessibility problems you’re facing or work with your team to resolve them.

Accessibility Training

Comprehensive accessibility training for your team (content managers, developers, designers, etc) to ensure your site continues to maintain compliance as it evolves over time.

Benefit from all that AAArdvark has to offer

No matter what plan you choose to get started with, you’ll have unlimited access to the full AAArdvark suite of features.

Audit Management

Using AAArdvark’s audit management suite, you can ditch old clunky spreadsheets and time-consuming issue logging. Quickly log rich and thorough a11y issues, complete with comment threads, screenshots, links to helpful resources, and more.

X-Ray Vision with Visual Mode

The Visual Mode interface is the first in the accessibility space. Its visual feedback interface makes it easy to see accessibility issues for the site in real-time. This gives you or your team clear and actionable feedback to speed up the remediation process.

Remediation Management

Manage full accessibility remediation projects all in one place. Using AAArdvarks remediation management suite, you and your team can work through the Issues list, verify the fixes, as well as host discussions and learn about how to resolve issues.

Scanning and Monitoring

With the ability to check for some of the most common accessibility issues, monitor your sites with ongoing scans to ensure your remediation efforts make a lasting impact. 

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As a digital professional with over 25 years of experience, I have developed a strong commitment to inclusivity and a desire to help other digital professionals build an internet that is accessible to everyone. Now, with AAArdvark, I’m proud to offer a suite of tools that helps make accessibility easier and faster while still maintaining high quality of work. AAArdvark does not offer a misleading quick-fix overlay, but rather offers tools for designers, developers, and accessibility professionals to quickly and easily identify, track, and fix accessibility issues on websites.
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Natalie MacLees, Web A11y Professional & Founder

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