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A Workspace in AAArdvark refers to the overall account. Here are some basic concepts:

  • Only one Owner per Workspace.
  • You’re welcome to add as many Users as you’d like.
  • Users are Role-Based which allows you to limit their permissions.
  • After adding a User you must add them to a Team.

To make changes to your Workspace Settings information, click on your name in the top-right corner of the AAArdvark interface > click Manage Workspace.

General Workspace Settings

Within your Workspace Settings you can manage general information about your account, including:

  • Workspace Name: This appears on all the pages on your AAArdvark app under the title and on any PDF site reports. It’s best to enter your agency name or business title.
  • Workspace Logo: This also appears on generated PDF reports, we recommend setting this to your professional logo.

And, you’ll also see the Workspace Owner information from here. This user has all permissions to manage users, sites, plans, billing information, and cancel the account.

The Workspace Owner is a special role assigned to the person who created the account.

Add Users to Workspace

AAArdvark doesn’t limit you to the number of users you can add to your Workspace. Under the Add User section add the email address of the user you’d like to add to your account. If the user does not already have an account, an invitation will be sent to help them sign up and join.

Users could include a variety of different people including:

  • Clients
  • Developers or Remediators
  • Co-Workers
  • QA Team
  • Other Auditors

You must add the user to a Team once they’ve joined your account. This will allow them to access the correct websites in your Workspace.

User Roles

When adding a new User to your Workspace, you’ll need to also select a User Role to assign them. The Role will determine their level of access and permissions within your Workspace.

  • Administrator
    • All permissions except:
      • Managing billing information.
      • Updating the site plan.
      • Canceling the account.
  • Project Manager
    • Assign, comment, and update the status of Issues.
    • Invite Clients, Developers, and Project Managers to the Workspace.
    • Add, update, and delete Sites, Pages, and Integrations.
    • Update Roles and remove Users (Developers, Project Managers, and Clients Only)
    • Start automatic and manual Scans.
  • Developer
    • Assign, comment, and update the status of Issues.
    • Add, update, and delete Pages and Integrations.
    • Update Sites.
    • Start automatic and manual Scans.
  • Client
    • View Dashboard and Download Reports
    • Assign, comment, and update the status of Issues.
    • Start manual Scans.

The User Role does not change across Teams – their permission level is the same regardless of what website they’re assigned to.

Manage Users

Under the Users section in the Workspace Settings, you’ll find a list of active users. From here you can Change Role or Remove User.

If you select Change Role, a popup modal will appear prompting you to select the new role for the user. Click Save when you’re done.

Transferring Workspace Account Ownership

To transfer account ownership, first ensure that the user you would like to transfer the account to is added as an Administrator for the team.

Next, have the current account owner send a support request asking to transfer the account with the email address of the new user.

After the change is complete, the current Workspace Owner will become an Administrator and can delete their user account if desired.

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