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You can reach the Aaardvark dashboard by logging in to your account here. The dashboard is where you can manage all of your workspaces, sites, scans, teams, and account information. Let’s proceed to dive into the details of the dashboard and how it works.


When you log into Aaardvark, you will see your name in the top right corner, followed by a dropdown arrow.

My Profile

The My Profile page allows you to update your name and password, monitor your current browser sessions, and delete your profile – if you choose to do so.

Manage Workspace

With the Manage Workspace page, you can make changes to your Workspace as needed. You can change the workspace’s name and even choose a Workspace logo, so your workspace can stand out.

This area also allows you to add users to your workspace by sending out invites. You can view all users currently a part of your workspace and change their roles or remove them completely.

If you need to cancel your workspace, you’re free to do so. However, we will note that all of the data associated with the workspace will be deleted.

Learn more about managing workspace settings and users – read about this here.

Plan & Billing

The Plan & Billing page allows you to update and manage plans for all the sites in your workspace. You can add your payment method, update your billing, and view all of your invoices for any upgrades or purchases made.

View more information on how to manage your plan and billing here.

Log Out

If you’re done for the day or just need to – you’re able to Log Out.

Workspace Dashboard

The Workspace Dashboard allows you an overview of all of the sites that have been added to your workspace. You can access the Site Dashboard, access the site issues here, and plug in a search term to pull up a specific set of sites.


The Teams page will allow you to manage all of your teams assigned to the workspace and which users are a part of the teams.

Learn more about managing teams in this guide.


Settings for the workspace are adjusted here, allowing you to modify when you receive notifications and any integrations that have been enabled on sites.

Site Dashboard

The Site Dashboard looks a little different from the Workspace dashboard. From here, you’ll be able to run scans, view scan results, display recent activity, access Visual Mode, modify pages, and more.

Visual Mode

The Visual Mode is accessed from the Site Dashboard, and it allows you to view feedback visually from the Aaardvark tool.

For more information on how to set this up, please visit this guide.


Issues will lead you to a listing of issues found on your site due to scans or manual audits. You can view all of the issues in order of severity, type, status, pages, or who they are assigned to.

Learn more about accessibility issues by taking a peek at this guide.


Your Pages can be added to the site, allowing you to run an automated scan or start a manual audit. The Pages will also let you access the settings and issues for the pages in particular.

Learn more about adding pages to a site with the help of this guide.


If you need to assign teams to particular sites, you can do so from here. This will let you grant access to non-admins and non-project managers so they can view the site dashboard.


When you set up your site for the first time in Aaardvark, you remember seeing a site configuration screen. From the settings of the site dashboard, you’re able to make changes to the configuration.

If you haven’t already done so, configure a site today by following the steps here.


The Integrations page will lead you to all of the integrations you have enabled for the site, or the ability to add any if there are none.

Take a peek at the integrations we offer.


In the upper right-hand corner of the dashboard, next to the name, there is a little bell icon that may or may not have an indicator of new notices. Clicking it will reveal any notifications of new issues that have been assigned during a scan.

Issues are located in the dashboard – marked as read or dismissed as necessary. If any were marked as read and there is a need to reference them, you can review the read notifications as well.


Anytime there are any new features implemented into Aaardvark, they will show up as an update within the announcements. It is easy to stay in the loop with all of the awesome developments going on. And, it is possible to view old updates too.


Running into issues or have a question about how something is set up? The nifty search bar can be utilized to plug in search terms and bring up relevant guides from our help center that can address the topic at hand.

Please also consider visiting the rest of our help center here.

Help & Support

If the help center hasn’t answered any of your questions or if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, you can submit a support request from here. You can also view the most popular topics searched by users in our help center.

Terms and Conditions

Before using Aaardvark, we would recommend reading the terms and conditions carefully. You can access it straight from the dashboard at any point in time.

You can also read it here.

Privacy Policy

Curious about the privacy policy? The dashboard links to our privacy policy which provides a thorough explanation of how things are used and collected through the tool.

Read the privacy policy here.

Still stuck?

File a support ticket with our five-star support team to get more help.

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