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AAArdvark comes with the ability to run automated scans on your site to help you find straightforward accessibility issues.

The automated accessibility scans are a great way to speed up the auditing process because you won’t have to scan for these smaller instances and AAArdvark can also detect when these issues are resolved.

Accessibility Scan Notice

A quick note that AAArdvarks accessibility scanner, like all automatic scanners, is not comprehensive and will not catch every single issue on your site. The Automated Scans are only a great starting point for an audit, where a professional can then come in and perform a full and thorough manual audit to find the rest of the issues.

Automated Scans

The Automated Scans can be run automatically on a set schedule or you can also run them with the press of a button.

Any new errors or warnings found in the scans will be added to the Issues list.

Scheduled Automated Scans

When you first configured your site, you had an option to set the Scan Frequency to Manual Only, Scan Weekly, Scan Daily.

If you need to change this, you can always head to the Site Dashboard > Settings tab and change the Scan Frequency option from there.

Manual Automated Scans

To run a manual automated scan, go to the Site Dashboard > click Run Automated Scan. This will trigger a new scan and you should see a new activity log begin to load.

Results from Automated Scan

Whether the scan was scheduled or manually triggered, the results of the scan are displayed in the Site Dashboard.

Recent Results Stats

The Recent Result stats shows you modules for:

  • Issues by impact: This module breaks down all of the errors and warnings on your site by severity into a pie chart.
  • Active Issues: Total active issues and also whether this increased or decreased with the most recent scan. This module also includes a list of the most common issues across your pages.
  • Average Instances / Page: Remember that Issues can have multiple instances, this module returns the average of that and lists the most problematic pages.

You should see these module stats go down over time through the process of remediating instances on pages and running new scans.

Activity Log

The new scans will also be listed under the Activity Log in the Site Dashboard. From the listing you can see an overview of:

  • The number of pages scanned
  • When the scan took place
  • Who triggered the scan, if it was done manually
  • Total number of errors and warnings found

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