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AAArdvark includes a purpose-built issue management solution to help your team work through remediation tasks easily and efficiently.

Basic Concepts

There are a few important concepts to understand before diving into the Issues tab.


Issues found on your site will always map to a specific WCAG 2.1 Success Criteria. You can think of an issue as a “class of problem”, for example, an insufficient contrast ratio or missing descriptive text.


An instance is an individual occurrence of an issue on your site. Issues will often have many instances across multiple pages of your site.

We use advanced pattern matching in an attempt to group like issues together. This grouping enables developers to better identify the source template for grouped instances, even if they occur on multiple pages of your site.

Issue Categories

Issues are categorized as either WarningsErrors, or Notices (if enabled) depending on the compliance level you’ve chosen for the site.

It’s best to address Errors first, as they have the highest impact on your site’s accessibility and generally have the clearest path to a solution.

Accessibility Issues for a Site

After a site scan or manual auditing, discovered issues will be listed under the Issues tab on your Site’s Dashboard.

From here you can:

  • Search Issues
  • Sort by:
    • Severity
    • Type
    • Status
    • Assignee
    • Pages
  • Switch to Visual Mode

Issue Details

From the Issues List, you can click on an individual item to see the detail view. There you will see:

  • A description of the issue. Most issues will also have a detailed summary, recommendations, and an example.
  • The current assignee.
  • A list of all instances of this issue across your site.
  • Comments that have been made on this issue.
  • Status of the issue, this could be Active, Resolved, or Ignored

Assigning Issues

Issues can be assigned to a user on your team to help coordinate responsibilities between team members.

To assign an issue from the issue page, click Change Assignee, select a User from the list, and click Update.

Issue Status

The current status is visible in the top right and is one of ActiveResolved (pending scan or review)Resolved, or Ignored. Clicking on the issue will display a drop-down that will update the issue status.

  • Active: At least one instance of the issue was seen in the most recent scan and is not ignored.
  • Resolved (pending scan or review): A user has Resolved the issue, but it is pending confirmation on the next scan or manual review.
  • Resolved: The most recent scan saw zero instances of the issue.
  • Ignored: The issue has been flagged to be ignored, and will not be set to Active if instances are seen in a scan.

Resolving Issues

You can also set the status of an entire issue to fixed by choosing Resolve in the status drop-down on the top right of the issue page.

If any instances of these issues are seen in a subsequent scan, the issue will be reopened for you to take another look.

Marking Instances as Fixed

Once you’ have’ve resolved an instance, you can click the Mark as Fixed button for that instance to mark it as fixed. The fix will be confirmed during the next scan of the site or through manual review.

If an instance marked as fixed is seen in a subsequent scan, it will be labeled as Reopened for you to take another look. When all instances are confirmed fixed or ignored, the issue will be automatically set as resolved.

Commenting on Issues or Instances

Add a comment to issues or Instances by clicking on the Comments tab.

@mentions are supported to tag a team member in a comment. Only members of the Team(s) corresponding with the site can be tagged in comments.

False Positives

Automated scanning is never perfect, and there are ambiguous situations that cannot be confirmed programmatically.

After reviewing an issue manually, if you are confident it’s a false positive, you can mark it as ignored and it will be removed from the active list.

Still stuck?

File a support ticket with our five-star support team to get more help.

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