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Keeping track of what’s going on with your sites and workspaces provides you with great insight and keeps you up to date on the latest issues. Workspace Settings can be a saving grace in ensuring that all notifications are delivered straight to you.

If you need to manage your workspace, add users, and change roles, please view this guide.

Notification Settings

Within the Notification Settings of your Workspace Settings area, you can select whether you want to receive a notification as a Site Notification, as an Email, or both.

The Site Notification pops up in the bell icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Notification bell displays in the upper right hand corner of the Aaardvark interface.

A Site has new or re-opened issues

When a site has a new issue that pops up in a manual or automated scan, you can be notified of the changes here. Additionally, any issues that have been re-opened can be brought to your attention.

Workspace settings notifications for new or re-opened issues

I’m assigned to an issue

If someone else on your team assigns you an issue to work on, you can be notified of this immediately via a site notification or email.

Workspace settings notifications for when you're assigned to an issue

I’m mentioned in a comment

Need to stay up-to-date on an issue, or someone brings something to your attention? You can choose to be notified of any mentions when someone comments on an issue.

Workspace settings notifications for when you're mentioned in a comment

I’m requested to add a page in a site

If you’re requested to add a page in a site, you can be notified of this change easily.

Workspace settings notifications for when you're requested to add pages in a site.


In addition to notifications, you can also manage your integrations with Aaardvark here.

Integrations can be managed in the Workspace settings.

If you’re interested in getting started with setting up an integration, take a look at our guides here.

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